A downloadable game for Windows

No Place Like Home is a narrative-based 3D game developed in Unity. The main topic of this game is homelessness, and my team and I wanted to look into how it can affect people in the real world. Developed in 4 weeks with a team size of 3.

Install instructions

The download file is a windows zip. Unzip the project and you will have access to a windows executable to launch and then play the game. It is recommended to play on the highest settings.


NoPlaceLikeHome.zip 70 MB


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You need to increase the collision height of the fences, I got out of bounds by jumping onto the window sills and over the fences from there.

Just a short first look at this game. If you like what you see - give the game a shot on your own. If - the devs decide to update with any links for contact in the future - give them a shout out for their work.