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Rapture the Flag is a multiplayer team-based objective game where players take control of the forces of either heaven or hell and battle it out for control of the souls of the recently departed. Teams of two battle for control of each other's soul flag in an arena filled with moving walls, spinning pillars, and the goal of the base game mode is to capture the enemy's flag while protecting yours.

Install instructions

The download contains a unity executable as well as data folders. Simply unzip the package and you can then launch the executable from the folder to play.

IMPORTANT: The game requires at least 2 xbox 360 controllers to play in it's current state. Will be adjusted. In order to ensure that controllers function, they need to be plugged in before launching the game, as this is a common unity issue when using controllers in unity executables.


RaptureTheFlagBeta.zip (47 MB)

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